• Nasal Breathing: Personal Infection Control

  • The human respiratory complex is here to help you stay healthy. Over the last century epigenetic changes have made some structural changes that affect the oral contingent of the orofacial respiratory pyramid.

    Taking a step back, we can improve the whole system for future generations, and improve the health of humans all around. The nitric oxide produced in the sinuses can and does eliminate airborne virus. Obligate nasal breathing is a must to access this life promoting gas. If you or your patients cannot breathe with their nose, further investigation is necessary.

    This course will deal with the life preserving benefits that nasal breathing supports.

    Learning objectives

    • List the different ways nasal breathing enhances health
    • Illustrate the detrimental outcomes of open mouth breathing
    • Relate ways to open the nasal sinus to promote nasal breathing

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